The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, April 16, 1923
Coats Team on Saturday Comes Through With 1-0 Score
With Harrison F. C. Goes to Locals by a Score of 2 to 1.

Bethlehem F. C. won and lost over the weekend, dropping the Saturday game to J & P Coats at Pawtucket, R. I., by the score of 1 goal to 0, but coming back strong on Sunday and defeating the Harrison F. C. on the latter field by the score of 2 goals to 1.

The Saturday game was bitterly fought with Bethlehem carrying the honors in the first half, but losing it in the final period. The scientific style of football adopted by Bethlehem was more or less diagnosed by the Coats eleven after the restart and the rush and shoot style of Coats proved slightly the better. [...] may have more shots at the goal than Bethlehem, but this was only to be expected by the style of football played by the American League contenders. Shots were rained at the Bethlehem citadel from all glances and angles, most of which were side of the mark or were easily cleared by Highfield.

Throughout the first half Bethlehem was the aggressor, but the forwards found Jock Ferguson and Stevenson a stone wall to penetrate. Ferguson played the best game of his career and on the showing of his day's performances slightly outclassed his brother Davy, who plays a similar role for the locals. However, in defensive work, Young of Bethlehem shared the honors with the veteran Ferguson. Gilmore score the only goal after thirty minutes of play in the opening period when Fleming passed in front of the goal mouth.

Sunday Game

Against Harrison Sunday afternoon, Bethlehem took a two goal lead in the opening period and then with t he game apparently safe eased up in [...] of the expected hard tilt at Fall River on Thursday afternoon. It is understood that there is some sort of holiday at Fall River on that day and Bethlehem was scheduled to help provide the entertainment.

The locals were superior throughout the game. Harrison made a determined attempt to equalize the [...] but the best they could do was get one goal past Kerr in the second half. Maxwell scored first blood for Bethlehem when early in the first half he drove a wicked shot from about the twenty-yard range. McNiven netted the second when J. Ward failed [...] and the Bethlehem center forward rushed in and drove it home.

The lineups:

Saturday Game

Coats -- Bethlehem
[...] -- G -- Highfield
[...]son -- RFB -- Young
[...] -- LFB -- Ferguson
[...] -- RHB -- McFarland
[...] -- CHB -- Carnihan
[...] -- LHB -- Terris
[...] -- OR -- Campbell
[...] -- IR -- Granger
[...] -- CF -- McNiven
[...] -- IL -- Maxwell
Fleming -- OL -- Goldie

Final score: Coats 1, Bethlehem 0. Goal made by Gilmore. Referee: [...]. Linesmen, Carroll and White. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Sunday Game

Bethlehem -- Harrison
Kerr -- G -- John Ward
Young -- RFB -- Post
Ferguson -- LFB -- Joe Ward
Raeside -- RHB -- Rhody
Carnihan -- CHB -- Campbell
[...] -- LHB -- Ford
Campbell -- OR -- Scott
Granger -- IR -- Jamieson
McNiven -- CF -- T. Ingram
Maxwell -- IL -- J. Ingram
[...] -- OL -- Brown
Referee: George Young of Philadelphia. Linesmen: F. Smith and T. [...]owley. Goals: For Bethlehem, by Maxwell and McNiven; for Harrison, by T. Ingram. Time of halves: 45 minutes.

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