The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 16, 1927
Meeting Held For Making Plans For Big International Soccer Tilt

An enthusiastic Booster Club meeting was held at the Masonic Temple this week, the main topic of discussion being the Hakoah game to be played at Taylor Stadium next Wednesday, April 20. The heads of the committee in charge of the parade were in attendance an spread optimistic reports concerning that big event. Full details will be announced shortly by the committee in charge.

It was announced that three sections on either side of the field are to be set aside as reserved sections. Forty Boy Scouts from local troops will act as ushers.

Due to the fact that it is absolutely necessary for the game to commence promptly at 4:30 p.m. there will be no parade of players around the field prior to the kick off. It was decided, however, to make arrangements for the Hakoahs to enter the arena to the accompaniment of suitable music by the band. As soon as the visitors have established their warming-up session, the Bethlehem team will enter, again accompanied by music, this time with an American strain. When the Bethlehem team commences to warm up the musicians will play the National anthem. At 4:25 sharp the referee will call the two captains to the center of the field to toss the coin for choice of ends. Before this ceremony Captain Carnihan of the Bethlehem team will present the visitors' captain with a flag as a souvenir of the trip.

Dance Next Tuesday

On Tuesday, the eve of the contest, the Booster Club will hold one of its popular dances at the Masonic Temple Auditorium. T here will be novelty features injected into this entertainment. These novelties have not been divulged by t he committee in charge, but they promise to proved real fun. Reminiscent of the success enjoyed by all concerned at the last Booster Club dance, it seems that a good time is in store for everyone.

The Dodge sedan which is to be given away on the day of the game will be on view at the stadium.

To see N. Y. - Steel Game

All of the Hakoah and officials will be the guests on Sunday of the New York Giants football club at the game against Bethlehem Steel. The game will afford the famous Jewish team for Vienna a chance to watch the work of the two teams that are sponsoring their trip through this country and incidentally will bring them in contact with the old Hakoah players who are now playing in the ranks of the Metropolitan team. The visitors are especially interested in the play of the Steelworkers whom they are booked to play in their opening game at Bethlehem on April 21st at Lehigh Stadium here.

As the Steelworkers are again finalists in the Eastern branch of the National Challenge Cup competition and are the present holders of the National title, the Giants will be out to take a fall out of them.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club