The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, April 17, 1919
Soccer Critics Believe Bethlehem Has Better Chance to Win than Paterson

The Bethlehem F. C. will go into the game with the Paterson F. C. at Fall River next Saturday, 2 to 1 favorites, according to the dope of prominent soccer critics who, in sizing up the team player for player, give the champions a big edge in every department. These critics are in a position to draw a comparison, having been favored with the opportunity of seeing both teams in action on numerous occasions. To still further strengthen the chances of the Steel Workers will be the announcement of the defeat served the Paterson team by the Robins Drydock F. C., in Brooklyn, Sunday. The later team held the National and American cup contenders scoreless while they succeeded in caging two goals.

All arrangements have been made for the final round in the National cup competition, according to Secretary Thomas W. Cahill, of the United States Football Association. He also reports that the game is creating far more than usual interest, especially as these teams are also down to meet in the final round of the American cup, the first time in the history of the two cups that the same teams have met in both finals. Commenting on the game the Philadelphia "Inquirer" says: --

"Since Paterson defeated Merchant Team A in the semi-final round on the former's grounds 3-2, there are many followers of the Silk Men who believe that Paterson will defeat the strong Bethlehem team, considered the best in the country. In tackling Manager Sheridan's team, however, Paterson will be up against a far different proposition than Merchant A. They will have to oppose a team that is playing championship ball and with not a weak position in the field. Had Merchant's half backs played their real game against Paterson in the semi-final Wilson's men would have been in the final instead of Paterson, therefore those who did not witness that match should not feel to optimistic over Paterson's chances to trim Bethlehem.

"Taking position for position, Bethlehem has a big advantage. The Bethlehem's front line with McKelvey, Forrest, Ratican, Millar and Fleming is not only faster than the Paterson quintet, but is also more experienced. Take Millar, for instance. The Jerseymen have not a player in their whole forward line to compare with this star, while Ratican is also a better team worker than Bleich, Paterson's center forward, and Whitey Fleming is a bit better than Brown, the outside left, who , with Andy Stark, form the bulwark of the Paterson's attack.

"It is in the back division, however, where Bethlehem shows even more strength than the Jerseymen. Brown, Campbell and Pepper are superior to the Paterson' half-back line, while Ferguson and Wilson are stronger than either Murray and Broadbent, the two Paterson backs. Healy is not a Duncan by any means, for he appears rattled when under fire and what is more is not as active as Duncan, besides falling way below par in comparison to the latter in making a lengthy clearance.

"It will therefore be seen that Bethlehem should enter the game next Saturday at least 2 to 1 favorites and they should not have the least difficulty in defeating Paterson by at least 3 goals to 1. It would be advisable for the Bethlehem players not to take their opponents too cheaply even though they defeated Paterson in the National League series, 4 goals to 0, the only time these teams have met this season. The Paterson players have the habit of trying to run their opponents off their feet in the first few minutes of the game. This was their line of attack against Merchants in the semi-final. They are unable to keep the pace, therefore, with Bethlehem always recognized as the best stayers in the country should prove too fast , too clever and too experienced for the Jerseymen who were fortunate to enter the final owning to Merchants not playing up to their reputation in the semi-final.

The season's records of the two teams herewith appended should prove interesting.

Bethlehem Steel Football Club

U.S.F.A. National Challenge Cup Competition -- Bethlehem 3; New York Ship F. C., 0. Bethlehem, 4; Merchant Ship Team A, 3 (extra time played). Homestead Steel F. C., forfeited to Bethlehem. Bethlehem, 5; Goodyear F. C., Akron, O., 0. Bethlehem, 5; Bricklayers and Masons, Chicago, 0.

American Football Association -- Bethlehem 2; New York Ship F. C., 0. Bethlehem, 6; Merchants' Ship Team B, 3. Bethlehem, 2; Federal Ship A. A. S. C., 0. Bethlehem, 3; Robins Dry Dock F. C., 2.

National Association Football League -- Bethlehem, 4; Paterson F. C., 0. Bethlehem, 3; New York F. C. 0. Bethlehem 10; Scottish-Americans, 0. Bethlehem, 5; Babcock & Wilcox, 0. Bethlehem, 8; Merchant Ship Team A, 0. Bethlehem, 4; Robins Dry Dock F. C., 1. Bethlehem, 3; Babcock & Wilcox, 0. Bethlehem, 3; New York F. C., 1.

Exhibition Games -- Bethlehem, 4; Canadian All-Stars, 1. Bethlehem, 2; Canadian All-Stars, 0. Bethlehem, 3; Innisfalls, 0. Bethlehem, 1; St. Louis All-Stars, 1. Bethlehem, 3; St. Louis All-Stars, 4. Bethlehem, 1; Delaware R. Shipyards League All-Stars, 1. Bethlehem, 2; Delaware R. Shipyards League All-Stars, 0.

Goal Scorers: Ratican, 17; Forrest, 17; McKelvey, 12; Millar, 11; Easton, 6; Butler, 4,; Pepper, 2; Campbell, 1. Total, 81.

Paterson Football Club

U.S.F.A. National Challenge Cup Competition -- Paterson, 8; Kinney F. C., 0; Paterson, 9; Jersey A. C., 2. Paterson, 2; Robins Dry Dock, 1 (unfinished). Paterson, 3; Robins Dry Dock, 1. Paterson, 0; Fore River F. C., 0 (extra time played). Paterson, 2; Fore River F. C., 1. Paterson, 4; Morse Dry Dock F. C., 1.

American Football Association -- Paterson, 2; New York F. C., 2. Paterson, 3; New York F. C., 1. Paterson, 6; Bunker Hill F. C., 2. Paterson, 5; Morse Dry Dock F. C., 1. Paterson, 3; Merchants Ship Team A, 2.

New Jersey State F. A. Competition -- Paterson, 2; New York Ship F. C., 2. Paterson, 1; New York Ship F. C., 0. Jersey A. C. forfeited to Paterson. Paterson, 0; Federal Ship A. A. S. C., 2.

National Association Football League -- Paterson, 0; Bethlehem, 4. Paterson, 2; Merchant Ship Team A, 1. Paterson, 2; Babcock & Wilcox, 1. Scottish-Americans forfeited to Paterson. Paterson, 5; New York F. C., 1. Paterson, 2; New York F. C., 2. Paterson, 0; Merchant Ship Team A, 2.

Exhibition Game -- Paterson, 0; New York F. C., 1.

Goal Scorers -- Hunziker, 20; Bleich, 14; A. Stark, 8; Brown, 7; T. Stark, 3; Vandeweghe, 2; Shanholt, 3; Knowles, 1; Morrell, 1; Lennox, 1; E. Garside, 1. Total 52.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club