The Globe -- Bethlehem
April 17, 1925
American Club Members Will Talk Over Refusal of Boston to Go to St. Louis


Probably the most important meeting of the season and one in which personalities will not in the least be spared, promises when the executives of the American Soccer League gather in New York on Saturday night to arrange the schedule for the remainder of the season and discuss some important issues that have recently cropped up.

Of the business the most important will be the discussion pro and con regarding the arrangement of the third intersectional game involving the Boston F. C. and Ben Millers, of St. Louis, for the national professional soccer championship.

The game committee ordered Boston F. C. to journey to St. Louis for the third and deciding game instead of adhering to the usual custom in final cup classics of selecting a neutral field. These executives are determined to have the game played in St. Louis. However, Davy Scott, Boston manager, and President Wood, of the Hubmen, are just as determined not to play it, contending that the team has been the victim of a rank injustice.

Just how the club representatives lean is not known at this time, but sentiment will most certainly be freely expressed when this question is brought up for discussion. Reports from various league cities are said to be strongly in sympathy with the Boston Club and that their attitude is similar to that entertained by the Boston representatives.

If the league backs up the committee that selected the site for the third and deciding game it is practically a foregone conclusion that the championship will not be decided this year, the first in which such a series was arranged. However, if a neutral ground is selected, Boston has expressed a willingness to journey as far west as Chicago, if necessary, but will not play on the home grounds of the Ben Millers.

In cognizance of sportsman ethics and for the time disregarding the game from a commercial standpoint many soccer enthusiasts have expressed an opinion that they cannot conceive how in the face of the Boston protest and the apparent sentiment that the committee can remain persistent in assigning the game to St. Louis.

It is probable that during the course of the discussion many other issues of earlier season will be rehashed and if so the meeting promises to be the most important ever held.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club