The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Friday, April 19, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Soccer Moguls to Meet
On Saturday night in New York City there will be a meeting of the Eastern Soccer League and it is understood that the matters to be discussed will be quite important insofar as the future of soccer is concerned. Just what is brewing could not be ascertained but it is intimated that some weighty adjustments will be executed. There has been plenty of talk of several outlaw clubs looking favorably for an opportunity to cast their lot with the Eastern Association. Also that in several cities where outlaw soccer exists it is rumored that “protected” soccer threatens to invade. Perhaps the important business is to discuss the advisability of action on the above mentioned rumor and then again it may be only to outline the plan of campaign for next season.

What to do with Present Members
Should some of the present members of the American Soccer League apply for reinstatement and membership in the Eastern Soccer League, the problem confronting the loop would then be what to do with some of the present members. Certainly they could not be ditched without some consideration and certainly a league could hardly operate with too many members. It is admitted that some of the clubs in the Eastern circuit do not compare in merit with the several select members. A wise suggestion therefore might be to organize a second division in which the winning and runner-up club be admitted to the first division and the two tail-end clubs in the latter drop back to the second division. This to apply each season. Such a plan would provide a greater incentive to win the league race and at the same time prove conducive to the development of second division soccer.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club