The Globe -- Bethlehem
April 20, 1930 (?)
But Champions at "Eats" Which Follow Booting Burlesque on Lehigh Field

Soccer referees royally entertained a fairly good gather of soccer fans and players on Lehigh Field on Saturday afternoon when a team selected from the Lehigh Valley delegation defeated an eleven representing the Philadelphia Referees' Association by the score of 4 to 1.

"Old-timers" and "has-beens" comprised the make-up of the two elevens and many were the mirth-making incidents before "Bob" McGregor, referee, called quits for the afternoon. In one respect the game was a howling success. It worked up an excellent appetite for the repast enjoyed at the Butztown Hotel and at which the local referees were hosts to their visitors.

"Jim" Easton, big and rotund, who in his balm days played center half off and on for Bethlehem, was assigned to that position, and "Jim" vindicated the fait of his cohorts when he opened the scoring with a beautiful shot. This one goal held sway for a good long time before McLaughlin, sturdy visitor, knotted up the count.

But that was all the scoring for the visitors, for the defensive work of Freddy Pepper, in the back division, and the marvelous handling of Nagle in goal, was largely responsible in frustrating the visitors scoring attempts. Bobby Morrison was unable to stand up under the going and at half time was forced to retire.

Perhaps the change was one fortunate for the homesters for Gerlach, assuming his position, crashed in two successive goals and then not to be outdone, Easton cam through in the closing minutes with another tally.

The soccer burlesque ended with everyone on friendly terms and then came a hasty retreat for the oats. The score:

Lehigh Valley Ref. -- Philadelphia Ref.
Nagle -- G -- Schnabel
Pepper -- RF -- Kirkpatrick
Forrest -- LF -- Watson
Furry -- RH -- Lynn
Morrison -- CH -- Taylor
Young -- LH -- Lynn
Lewis -- OR -- Oates
Dougherty -- IR -- McLaughlin
Easton -- CF -- McGhee
Terris -- IL -- Young
Gerlach -- OL -- Rodgers
Goals, Easton 2; Hardner 2, McLaughlin 1. Referee, Bob McGregor, Bethlehem Steel F. C. Linesmen, Jaap, Bethlehem Steel and Hoffert, Bethlehem Wanderers. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club