The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Monday, April 22, 1929
Home and Home Play Off Series for Soccer League Championship to Follow

While routine business consumed the regular meeting of the Eastern Soccer League held in New York on Sunday night, activities in solving a possible compromise in the soccer controversy were pronounced on Sunday morning when the local management in conjunction with other club managers in the Eastern loop conferred with the representatives of American Soccer League teams.

After a lengthy discussion in which many matters were harmoniously ironed out the one obstacle seemingly blocking a reconciliation is the status of Nat Agar, manager and owner of the Brooklyn Wanderers and a status with which the Eastern League representatives are helpless and a matter entirely at the discretion of the United States Football Association.

Representatives of the outlaw league reiterated their determination to remain loyal to Agar and before conceding threatened to close their soccer plants.

The National Association, it is understood, is equally determined not to relent in its attitude insofar as the Brooklyn manager’s status is concerned and it is believed construe his activities, irrespective of American Soccer League doings, directly to the interest of the parent body.

The league decided to conclude the season on May 12. The playoff for the league championship will take place the following two weeks with home and home affairs for each of the qualifying teams.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club