The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Monday, April 22, 1929
Sting New York Giants in League Game, Winning By Score of 3 to 1.

Denting the net for three goals the Bethlehem soccer team defeated the New York Giants on home loam on Saturday afternoon and by virtue of the victory scored revenge for the elimination in the semi-final National Cup replay waged in Philadelphia several weeks ago. The numerals hung up at the close of the ninety minutes of play were 3 to 1.

The Giants found quite different opposition with the veterans Captain MacGregor and Bill Carnihan, on the halfback line, and William Gibson, a late acquisition, capably performing at a back position, paired off with Billy Allan. With the defense of the homesters strengthened, Andy Stevens and his cohorts on the forward line were effectively held in tow.

While defensively the Bethlehem team proved equal to cope with the always dangerous attack of the Giants, the forwards contributed their bit by scoring enough goals to win. And the three markers could easily have been increased to larger proportion but for the erring aim on excellent opportunities and virtually open goals.

In recent games it was the lot of local customers to witness invading goalies carry off the honors with performances nothing short of phenomenal, but against the Giants it was Beveridge, the young Philadelphian, who recently was installed as regular custodian with Bethlehem, whose spectacular work featured.

Beveridge handled far less than John Brown, his rival in goal for the Giants, but the shots he did take care of were terrific drives and labeled for the net. These included a spot kick taken by Davy Brown, and the speedy little New York wing forward put everything he had behind the drive. On another occasion Beveridge earned the plaudits of the fans when he tipped Glover’s foul kick from just outside the penalty area over the crossbar. He allowed a corner on the save but the flag kick failed to produce and Bethlehem’s lead remained in tact.

Although Bethlehem won the forward line did not function as smoothly as it usually does. Lack of understanding at times seemed evident and aim on parting shots was poor. However, these defects might be attributed to the condition of the grass turf which was wet and slippery. Rain fell throughout the first half and players of both teams were frequently guilty of miskicks. After the restart the rain ceased.

The Giants, heated rivals of the homesters, scored first blood and it was Davy Brown who crashed the sphere into the net. Five minutes of play had been consumed when Bob Millar, veteran of many grueling soccer games and the only change in the forward line over the one presented by the Giants in the cup replay, broke away and carried the ball deep into Bethlehem territory. His tricky manipulation momentarily disorganized the Bethlehem defense, but in that lapse the gray-topped New Yorker shot across a perfectly placed center to Brown. The latter’s first time drive rebounded off the upright, but following on his shot he made no mistake when he met the ball.

That one goal was all the scoring accomplished by the Giants although the team was dangerous up to the very end. Stung with the possibility of another defeat, Bethlehem put on pressure and almost immediately after the kick off initiated a raid on the Giants’ goal. The equalizing goal was notched and in a most peculiar manner.

From the midst of the skirmish one of the Blue and White clad players of Bethlehem lobbed the ball to the goal mouth. Gillespie went into the air to head it and at the same time Brown, the Giant goalie, reached out to grab it in. He succeeded in getting his hands on the ball but the impact of Gillespie’s charger brushed him into the net where he attempted to relieve himself of the ball and in throwing it out it bounced off the inside of the crossbar. Referee Pepper, officiating in the absence of Donaghy, the regular assigned official, who missed a train, allowed the goal.

Almost immediately, Bethlehem was defending and Beveridge handled two well-directed shots. Before the attack was repulsed the visitors had forced a corner. Play continued in Bethlehem territory and another dangerous situation was saved by Beveridge when he left his goal and beat Millar to the ball. IN the collision with Millar the Bethlehem goalie was injured, but after revived, resumed playing. The half in which Bethlehem had four corners and the Giants three, ended without any further scoring.

The restart witnessed Bethlehem carrying a more determined fight and the aggressive tactics were rewarded after ten minutes of play. Tommy Gillespie, speeding down the right wing, sent across a perfect center from close to the corner flag and Stark taking the shot bounced the ball off the upright into the net to put his mates into the lead.

The total was further increased a short time later when Herd, the Giants center halfback, handled in the penalty area and Bethlehem was awarded a spot kick. Willie Reid took the kick and placed well out of J. Brown’s reach.

The last fifteen minutes of play witnessed the most action. The Giants were awarded a penalty and Beveridge guessing with Brown was directly in the path of his rifle shot and saved. A few minutes later a foul against Bethlehem a few yards outside the penalty area came near proving disastrous when Herd’s kick went straight to the net where Beveridge tipped it over the cross bar. Play swung back and forth when again the Giants came within an ace of scoring, this time on a foul kick taken by Brown, outside the penalty zone. The ball swerved toward the net, struck the crossbar and rebounded into the playing field.

That was the last scoring bid for the visitors for during the few minutes remaining to be played, Bethlehem did the attacking and had the Giants’ defense on the run at the final whistle. The lineup:

Bethlehem – Giants
Beveridge – G – Jno. Brown
Gibson – RFB – J. Brown
Allan – LFB – Glover
W. Reid – RHB – Cameron
Carnihan – CHB – Muir
McGregor – LHB – McKenny
Gillespie – OR – D. Brown
Rollo – IR – Ballantyn
Stark – CF – Stevens
Massie – IL – O’ Brien
Purgavie – OL – Millar
Goals: D. Brown, Stark, Gillespie, W. Reid (penalty). Referee; Fred Pepper. Linesmen: J. H. Carpenter and Horace Williams. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club