The Globe -- Bethlehem
April 23, 1920

"Billy" Morrison, Bethlehem's left half back has fully recovered from the injury to his back that has kept him on the side lines for the last two weeks and he will probably be seen in the line-up against New York.

Gilfillan and Kelly, the New York full backs gave a great display against Bethlehem in New York when the Gothamites handed Bethlehem their first defeat and it will be interesting to watch their display on the local field tomorrow.

George Lambie, of Boston, has been selected to referee the final of the American Cup between the [. . . ]ner of the Fore River vs. Robins [. . . ] tomorrow and Bethlehem Steel. [. . . ] Lambie is one of the best referees in the game and nothing in the

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club