The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, April 23, 1923
Steel Team Defeats Philadelphia F. C., 5 to 0 and Keep Home Slate Clean

by Lucien Esty
The Bethlehem F. C. maintained its record of not having lost a game on its home field this season when it defeated the Philadelphia F. C. on Saturday afternoon on the Steel Field by the score of 5 goals to none. The clever Bethlehem booters had things their own way throughout the game.

Four of the Bethlehem tallies came in the first half, all of which were made by "Big Dan" McNiven, who brought his total for the season to 25. Grainger, playing inside right, accounted for the fifth goal made by the local eleven. McNiven's first counter was made when he headed the ball into the meshes on a cross from Campbell seven minutes after the game got under way. From then on, Bethlehem was never seriously threatened although Kerr was called on occasionally to make a save.

Niss, the Philadelphia goal tender, had a busy afternoon of it since the steel workers had the ball in the Quaker City eleven's territory practically all the time. After Bethlehem's initial tally, it was 25 minutes before McNiven again located the net. After some pretty dribbling, Goldie passed to "Big Dan" who booted the ball into a corner of the goal, with a short hard kick with his right foot. With scarcely more than five minutes more of play remaining in the opening half, McNiven caught Niss completely of his guard and scored an easy goal. A few minutes later he tallied his twenty-fifth from the midst of a torrid scrimmage near the mouth of the goal. Although McNiven kicked normally with his left foot, his second and third goals were both made by his right.

Having rolled up a comfortable advantage in the opening half, the local player were content to take things easy. The sultry weather, and the fact that it was Bethlehem's fourth game in the past eight days accounted for the listlessness of the play in the second half.

The lone tally of the second half came about twenty minutes after the restart when Grainger beat the defense and scored with a short drive. Despite the fact that the Phillies were blanked by the local team, the visitors fought hard to even the score. A few minutes before the final whistle blew, Terris, the Bethlehem left half back, had to be taken out of the game on account of a wrenched knee. The injury is not as serious as was first thought and Terris will probably be able to take his place in the Blue and White lineup by the end of the week. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Philadelphia
Kerr -- G -- Niss
Young -- RFB -- Swartz
Ferguson -- LHB -- Fullerton
Raeside -- RHB -- Rodgers
Carnihan -- CHB -- Rundell
Terris -- LHB -- Reid
Campbell -- OR - -Andrews
Grainger -- IR -- Morton
McNiven -- CF -- Houston
Maxwell -- IL -- Prach
Goldie -- OL -- Brooks
Goals: McNiven 4, Grainger. Referee: Horace Williams, Bethlehem. Linesmen: Faulds and Nesbit. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club