The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 23, 1928
Johnny Jaap Equalized For Bethlehem After Fall River Scores Easy Goals.

Bethlehem's hopes of avenging a recent soccer defeat by Fall River were frustrated in the American League clash played on the newly adopted home grounds of the Steelmen in Philadelphia on Saturday afternoon when the contest ended a two goal draw. In sharing the points with the Steelmen, the league leaders registered at least one of its goals which was tainted as a gift offering.

The game was played under conditions that were anything but favorable but in spite of the mixture of snow, sleet and rain which fell a few minutes prior to the start and continued to the end, the ground was in fairly good condition and the play fast and exciting. A crowd of approximately one thousand fans braved the elements to witness the contest.

Although scheduled for two games over the weekend with the second half of the twin bill listed for the Polo Grounds with the New York Nationals as the opponents, the Steelmen engaged in only the one contest. Bethlehem journeyed to New York on Sunday but upon arriving at the playing field was informed that the referee deemed the grounds unplayable and the game was called off.

From the kickoff Bethlehem attacked with considerable vim and for quite a while it looked very much as though they would do some scoring. However, 22 minutes had elapsed before Stark netted the ball. Gillespie at the extreme right had been putting in wonderful centers, and it was from one of these that the tally came, the clever center forward getting his head under the ball and putting it past Douglas before he had a chance to save. That was the extent of the Bethlehem attacking in this half. Fall River kept the ball in the opponents' territory for the remainder, it being 40 minutes when the equalizer came. Edwards had at times been rather uncertain in his clearances, Carnihan helping him out once, and McMeekin saved a sure point on another occasion. But this time he was beaten. McPherson who was playing well up, caught the ball on a return from the Steelmakers' defense, and with an oblique shot, sent the ball crashing into the far corner of the net.

After the teams crossed over, neither side was superior. The half was equal both in playing and counters. Ten minutes from the restart Harvey sent his team into the lead. A concerted movement by the front line advanced the ball toward the Bethlehem goal, when about 18 yards away Kelly sent the ball across to the extreme right; Harvey connected with the pass and flashed the ball into the net. This lead was retained until about 15 minutes from the time when the score was again equalized. A strong attack against the Fall River citadel resulted in Jaap coming out of a scrimmage with the ball and eluding the defense put the sphere past Douglas.

Bethlehem -- Fall River
Edwards -- G -- Douglas
McMeekin --RFB -- McGill
Allan -- LFB -- McAuley
Reid -- RHB -- McPherson
Carnihan -- CHB -- Doyle
McGregor -- LHB -- Coyle
Gillespie -- OR -- Harvey
Jaap -- IR -- Campbell
Stark -- CF -- Nelson
Rollo -- IL -- Kelly
Goldie -- OL -- White

Referee: J. Cunningham, New York. Linesmen: G. Young and John Walder, Pennsylvania Referees' Association. Time of halves, 45 minutes. Goals for Bethlehem: Stark, Jaap. Goals for Fall River: McPherson, Harvey.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club