The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 23, 1930
Sam Marks Would Have Bethlehem Booters as a Friday League Attraction

Up in Fall River where the Bethlehem soccer team waged many grueling games the fans would like to see the Steel City booters in action once more before hanging up for good and all.

This is apparent by the generous overtures made by Sam Marks, manager of the National cup and league champions, who has invited Bethlehem to come to Fall River for a league game on Friday. The invitation, of course, has been turned down for Bethlehem with talent limited will muster together all the strength available for the two league games to be played against New Bedford on Saturday and Hakoah on Sunday.

In spite of a week day game it is believed that Bethlehem in Fall River on Friday would have attracted a record breaking crowd. Mr. Marks, who is quite a shrewd businessman, undoubtedly believes the same. However, three games in successive days is a bug undertaking and one in which no soccer team can do justice to itself.

It was believed that the club might remain intact for the Lewis cup competition and while there is still a possibility that this might be done it is hardly likely. It is understood that the terms set down for Bethlehem to complete in this competition are not at all enticing and that the invitation which in coming was long delayed will be turned down.

In the meantime the players are going through their regular paces in preparing for the twin bill over the weekend in hopes of bringing the long campaigning of the local club to a successful ending.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club