The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, April 25, 1925
Steel Soccer Team's Inside Right Can Now Play Against N. Y. Giants.

Good news was received by the management of the Bethlehem Steel soccer team this morning when word came from the emergency committee of the American Soccer League exonerating John Granger, the inside right, for the part he played in the fistic squabble with Tom McQuade, the Fleisher back, in the game played last Saturday, and reinstated him for the game with the New York Giants on the latter's field on Sunday afternoon.

McQuade in a spirit of good sportsmanship admitted that during the heat of the battled he temporarily lost his head and that he alone was responsible for the affair. In making this admission to the emergency committee which resulted in the reinstatement of Granger he also forwarded an apology to the committee and to Granger.

The reinstatement of the inside right lifts a burden from the shoulders of the management and will give the Steel Workers the team intact which has been ploughing through the rival opponents in the recent games. Arthur Robertson, who played a forward position in several games, and Sturdy Maxwell, the regular, who alternated with Granger at the position, were not in condition for the Sunday tilt and it is more than likely that if Granger had not been exonerated George Forrest would have been pressed into service.

With the exception of one of the back positions the team to oppose the New York Giants has been selected. Doubts exist between Davy Ferguson and Jock Young at the backs. The team will leave on Sunday morning and lineup against the Giants as follows: Carson, goal; J. Ferguson, D. Ferguson and Young, backs; McDonald, Carnihan and MacGregor, halfbacks; Turner, Granger, Stark, Rollo and Goldie, forwards.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club