The Globe-Time -- Bethlehem
Monday, April 25, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Curtains for Steelmen
Sorrowful were the tidings emanating from Providence where Bethlehem Steel F. C. was subdued by Fall River on Sunday afternoon in the Eastern final of the National challenge cup competition. By virtue of the victory, Fall River advances as National finalist and will battle it out with Holley Carburetor F. C. of Detroit, Mich., for the title held by Bethlehem. The margin of a lone tally dropped the curtain on the Steelmen's ambition to score another double of the tile in America's blue ribbon soccer classic.

Laurels Well Distributed
League games will continue until schedules are completed but the edge on soccer is just about passť. Remaining interest will center on the National final probably to be played next weekend. Eastern teams have as a rule displayed marked superiority to the clubs representing the West and for that reason soccer followers will string with Fall River. The Marksmen, however, have been inconsistent and soccer fans have not yet forgotten the drubbing given the Eastern champions by the lowly Phillie club. Perhaps the Carburetor gang can do likewise. But the chance is far remote.

Must Rest on Title of League Champion
Bethlehem's crack soccer team must rest on the laurels won as American Soccer League champion. The Steelmen have several more games to play but regardless of the outcome cannot lose the league title. The clubs finishing one, two, three, shared in the major honors distributed this year. Bethlehem with its league championship; Boston with the American Cup competition title, and Fall River as Eastern National champion. The windup brings to a close a hectic season chock full of surprises and jolts of the most unexpected variety.

The Lowly Rise to Conquer
Casually glancing over the season just closed there are defeats of the top-notch clubs which stand out boldly and bring forcibly to mind the uncertainty of the game as it is played today. While some of the lowly clubs have not shared in the major honors, nevertheless, they can boast with pride of cherished victories over the strong clubs. Take Philadelphia's wins over Fall River in league games, all of which helped materially in blasting the league hopes for the Marksmen, as an illustration. Newark's valiant fight in the two cup tilts, ousting Bethlehem Steel in the first round of the American Cup and doing the same to Brooklyn and Indiana in the National competition. Indiana Flooring's success against Bethlehem in league competition and Fore River, a club not identified in the major Eastern circuit, tossing Boston for elimination in the National cup, were just a few of the many other drastic happenings. Such uncertainty and the unexpected flare-ups of the supposedly weaker clubs is a stimulus to soccer interest.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club