The Globe-Time -- Bethlehem
April 26, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Protest Based on a Fact
As intimated in these columns the protest of the Philadelphia F. C. was given the air when brought before the American Soccer League officials for a decision. The league executives upheld the decision of Referee Young in disallowing the kick. And the complaint was disallowed in spite of the protests being "based on the fact that George Graham booted the ball over the goal line and, therefore, should have counted a goal," as a Quaker City critic said. The Steel Workers' representative must have been confident of the ultimate decision for after submitting their views, didn't linger to hear the decision upon arriving home. With the protest thrown out, the Steelmen can now look forward to the meeting with Newark in the second round play, which takes place at the latter place Sunday afternoon.

Giants vs. Bethlehem
The Bethlehem Steel F. C. will again meet the New York Giants in an important cup issue. The Steel Workers advanced to the semifinal round of the Lewis cup competition at the expense of Newark in a game played on Sunday afternoon. On Saturday the New York Giants disposed of Indiana Flooring and thereby earned the right to advance to the semifinal round in the Metropolitan bracket. These same two teams met in the semifinal round of the National Cup competition and gave a most spirited display on a Brooklyn field. Bethlehem emerged victorious by the margin of one goal, the latter scored on a penalty kick. Partisan Giant fans did not take kindly to the penalty in spite of the fact that the infraction seemed deliberate. Now they will have another chance to see their favorites engaged in an important cup game with the Steel Workers.

Newark Fans Pulling for Bethlehem
Newark fans are disappointed with the showing of the team representing that city. This was really apparent by the many remarks picked up along the side lines during the Bethlehem-Newark game on Sunday afternoon. Rumors are prevalent there of a possibility of the Bethlehem team shifting its allegiance to Newark and these rumors have gone that far as to infer that it will be next season that the crack Bethlehem team will be sporting the colors of Newark. Just where the rumor originated is not known. It is known, however, that as yet no overtures have been made for transferring the Bethlehem club.

Tried a Season in Philadelphia
While the Bethlehem management has emphatically denied such a possibility, yet the rumor recalls to mind the year that Bethlehem represented Philadelphia in big league soccer affairs. And such a transfer was also entirely unexpected. The real argument on the entire proposition is that Bethlehem is not giving the Steel Workers the support they deserve. It may be that Sunday soccer has something to do with this. The attendance at the home games has not been anywhere near commensurate with the brand of soccer dispensed and the success of the team in the cup and league competition. Probably if Newark made the offer attractive the management might experience a change of heart and give some consideration to the proposition.

New Attendance Record for Dribbling Game
All attendance records heretofore established in soccer were smashed in New York on Sunday afternoon when the touring Hakoah Sport Club, an entire Jewish eleven from Vienna, defeated an All-Star eleven of the Southern New York State Association by the score of 4 to 0 before nearly twenty-five thousand spectators. Several more games are listed on the schedule for the All-Jewish tourists, and while victory in their opening big tilt was decisive, competition is certain to tighten up for the games over the next weekend. Next Saturday the Jewish team will meet a picked team of professionals, the latter to represent Indiana Flooring and New York Giants, and on Sunday will meet the Boston team of the American Soccer League at the latter place. In these two games the tourists will face the most severe tests of their tour.