The Globe-Time -- Bethlehem
April 29, 1926
Victory Places National Champions in American League Semi-Finals.

Completely outplaying the opponents, the Bethlehem Steel F. C. advanced in the semi-final round of the American Soccer League cup competition by defeating Newark F. C. on the latter's field, on Sunday afternoon by the score of 4 goals to 0.

The heavy rain of Saturday night left the field in bad condition. The center of the pitch was a quagmire of mud through which the players found much trouble in negotiating. The heavy field also hampered the players in manipulating the ball.

In spite of this condition. Bethlehem readily proved itself the better team and experienced little trouble in advancing another peg in the cup competition. By the victory the Steel Workers will now meet the New York Giants in the semi-final round in the Metropolitan bracket.

Both teams started in great style and for a while it looked as through Newark would make it an interesting afternoon for Bethlehem. However, when the champions adapted themselves to playing conditions, most of the play was in Newark territory with Brown, the Jersey goalie, one of the busiest men on the field. The later made several good saves and held Bethlehem safe for forty minutes of play in this half when Johnny Jaap crashed through with a shot for Bethlehem's first tally. That was the margin by which Bethlehem was leading at half time.

After the restart, the Steelmen lost little time in getting going and immediately started pressing with the result that after ten minutes, Stark, taking a cross from Jaap, increased the margin to a lead of two goals. Again, it was Stark that scored, converting another prefect cross from Jaap, and before the game ended, Rollo notched the fourth and final tally.

John Jaap, the diminutive outside right of the Steel Workers, was the best forward on the field. His playing was sensational. In addition to scoring the opening goal, he was indirectly responsible for the other three, placing his crosses in such a manner as to provide fine openings for the parting drive. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Newark
Carson -- G -- Brown
Berryman -- R.B. -- Marshall
Allen -- LB -- O'Connor
Harris -- R.H. -- McLeod
Carnihan -- C.H. -- Dunlap
MacGregor -- L.H. -- Nicol
Jaap -- O.R. -- Adair
Granger -- I.R. -- Kirby
Stark -- C. -- Hemingway
Rollo -- I.L. -- Garstairs
Goldie -- O.L. -- Ford
Goals: Jaap, Stark 2, Rollo. Referee: A. Lawrie. Linesmen: S. Day and D. Coutts. Time: Halves of 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club