The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, April 30, 1923
After a Poor Start Steel Workers Awaken and Defeat New Jersey Eleven

After getting away to a poor start, the Bethlehem F. C. finished strong in its American Soccer League contest Saturday afternoon on the Bethlehem Steel field against the Harrison F. C.. The steel workers, who are making a strong fight for the league pennant, were the victors by the score of 3 goals to none. It was the last home game of the season but one.

The Harrison eleven failed to show any great amount of skill on the attack but the visitor's defense was excellent. The ball was in the vicinity of the Harrison citadel practically all of the time but poor finishing work on the part of the Bethlehem forward line, together with the sterling work of the Harrison fullbacks and the innumerable saves by Ward, the Jersey team's goal tender, all contributed to keep the score low.

It was not until after thirty-one minutes of play that the lone tally of the first half was made. Goldie, the Bethlehem outside left, got possession of the ball and after making a somewhat circuitous route to the goal, in which he beat both fullbacks, booted a low hard drive that landed the sphere in a corner of the net.

Twenty-five minutes after the restart, McNiven took a pass from Carnihan and drove the ball into the meshes without giving Ward a chance to save. The final tally came five minutes later when Maxwell booted the ball shoulder high just inside the goal, almost grazing the inside of one of the uprights of the net.

In the second session, the ball was in Harrison's territory throughout. The ball seldom got past midfield and when it did was promptly returned by Ferguson and Young at the fullback line. Kerr, the local goalie, had little to worry about in the first half and in the second got about two chances to handle the ball.

The lineup

Bethlehem F. C. -- Harrison F. C.
Kerr -- G -- Ward
Young -- RFB -- Fletcher
Ferguson -- LFB -- Post
Raeside -- RHB -- Douglas
Carnihan -- CHB -- Blair
Terris -- LHB -- Wilson
Campbell -- OR -- Scott
Grainger -- IR -- T. Ingram
McNiven -- CF -- Hartnett
Maxwell -- IL -- J. Ingram
Goldie -- OL -- Ford
Goals: Goldie, McNiven, Maxwell. Referee: Kerr, Philadelphia. Linesmen, Brown and Carpenter. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club