The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
May 1, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row
Ready to Close Shop
The soccer season is rapidly nearing its close and in Bethlehem the climax of the professional booting sport will be reached on Saturday afternoon with New Bedford the opponent of the local clan. Local teams will continue their grind in the Lehigh Valley Soccer League for a few more weeks. Just long enough, in fact, to determine the league champion, and will then hang away their togs and prepare for an early start next fall. The Lehigh Valley Soccer League brings to a close its first year of a very successful campaign. The most successful in fact since the old days of soccer in Bethlehem. Games have been interesting and exciting but most important probably has been the remarkable development of the sand lot talent.

Most Brilliant Achievement
Analyzing the Bethlehem soccer season the most brilliant achievement was undoubtedly in the conquest against Hakoah All-Stars, a team today sporting the National cup crown. If Bethlehem is successful in its next and final league start against the Jewish stars a record will probably be established in that the Hakoah were one team to win a championship that failed to turn in a single league victory against one of its rival teams. Insofar as defeats are concerned Bethlehem has a clean slate against the New Yorkers and this fact is bound to reflect in the final summing of relative merit. Bethlehem was not favored with the opportunity of meeting Hakoah in the cup grind but was successful in all but one league start and the single exception was a draw result.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club