The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
May 3, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Just Another Episode
Soccer interests were simultaneously jolted and boosted by the recent episode in the so-styled soccer warfare when New Bedford back-fired and returned to the loop the club deserted less than two months ago. Just what moral reaction this new chapter will have in reaching a definite conclusion and once again establish harmony if reconciliation is to be effected, remains to be seen. Certainly, the outlaw league, beaten in every other skirmish, legal and otherwise, will take on a new lease of life and concentrated effort in prolonging the controversy.

Casting the Bait
Highly elated in winning back New Bedford overtures have been again made to Bethlehem to sever relations with organized football and cast its lot with the outlaw loop. No less important personage than the president of the league had the affront, as the Bethlehem representative termed it, to try and persuade the Steel City booters to join the American League. The exact reply to this invitation is not known, but it was quite emphatic. Bethlehem would sooner quit soccer entirely than to rise in opposition against the parent body and play outlaw soccer. That reply, it is understood, is definite and if not mistaken has been transmitted to President "Bill" Cunningham as final.

In the Big Money
Advices from across the pond are to the effect that George "Whitey" McDonald, for years a halfback with the Bethlehem team, is now in the big money. Other players who have attained that status are Jimmy McConnell and Alex Jackson. McDonald was the most recent of wearers of the Blue and White of Bethlehem to try his hand abroad and while the early stage of his campaigning might not have been as encouraging as desired, he is rapidly realizing his ambitions. When the Bethlehem back signed with the Glasgow Rangers, the latter then on a tour in this country, he was forthwith assigned to the second team. Of recent date his playing attracted recognition and the inclusion in the regular lineup in a number of games not only reflects the merit of the blond topped back but is highly complimentary to the team with which he played.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club