The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, May 5, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Georgie Forrest at Outside Left
Georgie Forrest, an outside right with the Bethlehem Steel F. C., may been seen on the opposing wing position in the next several games of the Steel Workers. This change is occasioned by a shoulder injury sustained by Malcolm Goldie in the Boston game on Saturday afternoon, when it is understood he splintered a small bone and will be out of the game for several weeks. Forrest has been idle in actual competition since Neil Turner returned to the outside position. However, he is in condition and this may win him the Goldie berth. Arthur Robertson has been indisposed with illness for some time but is again much improved and it may be that he will be assigned to Goldie's berth. When Goldie was injured earlier in the season at Fall River, Robertson, a halfback, proved a capable substitute. Robertson's trouble has been with his stomach caused by indigestion but now seems well on the road to recovery. While the loss of Goldie will be keenly felt the league competition has passed the stage where Bethlehem has a chance. On the other hand regardless of the outcome of the next two games the Steel Workers have to play, Bethlehem will finish in second place as runners-up to Fall River.

Triangular Series of Games Possible
Although the project has not yet been officially put across or even suggested at a league meeting, there is some talk around the circuit relative to a triangular soccer series involving Bethlehem Steel, Boston F. C. and Fall River. That there is a possibility of such a series materializing is evident by the delay of the Bethlehem management in closing for a trip to Cleveland the latter part of this month for a series of two games. If the triangular series falls through the Cleveland invitation will be accepted. Furthermore, it is understood that it will be accepted if the talked of series does go through providing the dates do not conflict with those arranged for the triangular competition. Bethlehem Steel is not satisfied with the lacing received from Fall River and the New Englanders are equally as peeved over the defeat by Boston in the final of the cup competition. On the other hand Boston is aching for another crack at Bethlehem the only club in the league that the Hubmen have been unable to defeat in league competition. With this sate of affairs existing and certain to inspire intense rivalry, the three clubs line up as the logical opponents for such a series. It would mean probably that soccer will continue late into the baseball season.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club