The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
May 6, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Putting It on Heavy
Bethlehem won another soccer game from Hakoah, National champions, and to do it invaded the home lair of the All-Jewish aggregation in New York. Hakoah look like champions against all other opponents but thus far this season have failed to impress against Bethlehem. The game Sunday marked the seventh meeting between the two teams, all of which were league games, and Hakoah has yet to win its first game. Three of these games were played in Bethlehem and four on the home grounds of the Jewish stars and the count is five wins for Bethlehem and two draws. More impressive than victories is probably the high goal total of the Bethlehem team for these five games. Against a club that has garnered the National title the Steel City booters amassed the high total of 25 goals against 13, or an average of better than three goals per game. Only one shut out game occurred and that was the recent meeting when the final numerals were 2 to 0 in favor of Bethlehem

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club