The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, May 7, 1923
Paterson in American League Game Sunday in New Jersey Wins 3 to 2

Bethlehem chances of winning the pennant honors in the American Soccer League were practically blasted Sunday afternoon when they lost to the Paterson club, the later the National champions, in a game played at Olympic Park, Clifton, N. J., by the score of 3 goals to 2. The game was witnessed by close to three thousand enthusiastic fans.

Bethlehem Steel lost their opportunity to win the pennant unless J & P Coats lose at least three of their six remaining games. Bethlehem was first to score, McNiven finding the net after twenty minutes of play during which Bethlehem did most of the attacking. A few minutes later Paterson tied the score when Referee George Young declared the ball had gone over the line on a cross from Whitehead before Kerr had cleared, the Bethlehem defenders vigorously protested the decision claiming that the ball was a foot from the line but the decision stood. Play continued hard and fast and the Paterson defense had some very narrow escapes. Ten minutes from the end of the half Paterson was awarded a penalty when the ball struck Terris on the hand on the penalty line. Fryer gave Kerr no chance with the shot. NO further scoring took place in this half and the teams crossed over with the score tied.

In the second half Paterson started off with a rush and Kerr was given his first real shots of the game, he fielded well and Bethlehem was soon in the vicinity of Renzulli but the Paterson defenders broke up all attempts to get in a good shot. Twenty minutes after the start Duggan got away on the right from what looked like a clearly offside position. The Bethlehem defenders made the mistake of claiming offside instead of covering him and before anyone realized it the ball was in the net.

Towards the finish Bethlehem made several desperate attempts to score and McNiven was twice brought down in the danger zone when clear through but Young took no notice of the defensive tactics of Reynolds and Ferrier and the final whistle found the Steel Workers within the Paterson goal area but without the much deserved goal necessary to tie the score. The lineup:

Paterson -- Bethlehem Steel
Renzulli -- G -- Kerr
Reynolds -- RFB -- Young
Ferrier -- LFB -- Ferguson
Miller -- RHB -- Raeside
Fryer -- CHB -- Carnihan
Herd -- LHB -- Terris
Duggan - -OR -- Campbell
Murray -- IR -- Rattray
Heminsley -- CF -- McNiven
Smith -- IL -- Maxwell
Whitehead -- OL -- Goldie
Referee -- George Young, Philadelphia.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club