The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
May 7, 1928
Neither Team Able to Score in Listless Game Due to Excessive Heat

The sudden change in temperature had a marked effect on the players of the Bethlehem Steel and Providence F. C. soccer teams when they engaged in a listless league game in Philadelphia on Saturday afternoon and at the end of which neither team had been able to score.

Neither team was able to give a creditable display of its merit, and long before the end of the ninety minutes of hostilities many of the players were on the verge of heat exhaustion. At the end of the first half W. Reid, Bethlehem halfback was suffering so severely from the heat that he was forced to retire in favor of W. Barrie. In the second half Walter Jackson, in heading the ball was dazed, and due to his exhausted condition it was long after the game was over before he was back in normal condition.

Under the stress of the heat the players were unable to do justice to their ability and only occasionally were there flashes of brilliant soccer. The Steelmen fought hard to annex the points especially needed now in the close league race and while opportunities were many, the ball either missed the mark by the proverbial margin of a hair, or Kenneway, the Providence goalie, proved the barrier to the efforts.

The former Canadian custodian signed about three months ago by Sam Fletcher played a remarkable game, his clearances quite often being of the sensational type. The Steelmen missed an excellent opportunity to score in the first half when a rocket drive from Gillespie had Kenneway caught flat-footed but the ball landed against the cross bar. Time and again throughout the contest Stark cut loose with first time hook drives and while all his shots went close they nevertheless evaded the net.

While Bethlehem had much the better of the exchanges in the first half, the play nevertheless changed repeatedly from one end of the field to the other, each team threatening on numerous occasions, but the splendid work of Edwards, the Steelworkers' custodian, and that of Kenneway, who takes care of things between the posts for the Rhode Islanders, prevented any scoring.

After 35 minutes of play Auld, the inside right for Providence, shot the ball into the net, but just the second before the shot Referee "Mose" Bloom had blown his whistle when he detected MacGregor accidentally "handled" and consequently the tally was not allowed. The resultant penalty was tried for by Fiorie, the center forward of the visitors, but the shot was poor, the ball going over the cross bar.

After the change of ends the pace of the teams was slowed up considerably by the intense heat. With but four minutes of play remaining, Gibson and Gillespie engaged in fisticuffs in front of the goal, after the former had fouled and Referee Bloom expelled Gibson from further participation.

Stark played a fine game for the Steelmen, sending numerous shots into the net, but Kenneway made good at each attempt and cleared in fine style.

Bethlehem -- Providence
Edwards -- G -- Kenneway
Barrie -- RFB -- Almer
Allen -- LFB -- Gibson
MacGregor -- RHB -- Bardell
Carnihan -- CHB -- Finlapon
Reid -- LHB -- Campbell
Gillespie -- OR -- Beattle
Jaap -- IR -- Auld
Jackson -- CF -- Florie
Stark -- IL -- Dick
Goldie -- OL -- Hogg
Referee, Mose Bloom, American Soccer League Association; Linesmen, John Walders and George Young, Philadelphia Referee's Association. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club