The Globe -- Bethlehem
May 7, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

By Candle Light
The Bethlehem Steel booters will have the pleasure of undergoing a new experience on Wednesday of this week. Booked to meet the New York Nationals in a twilight league game on the Polo Grounds, the Steelmen will make their first debut in a game, part of which will be played with artificial light. The Nationals experimented with the idea last week when they played Fall River in a league game and all reports indicated that soccer fans have fallen for the twilight stuff. As for the players, those who participated, approved the twilight idea.

Champion vs. Champion
As a luring attraction the Nationals could hardly meet a more worthy opponent than the Steelmen. Each of the teams has already annexed a championship. The Nationals won the U. S. F. A. cup competition and the Steelmen the Lewis trophy emblematic of professional soccer supremacy. While both these victories are cherished, there is nevertheless another coveted honor at stake and that is to qualify for the round robin series to decide the league championship. The Nationals recently have assumed a threatening attitude and have climbed into fourth place in the league standing, a peg behind Bethlehem. To date Bethlehem is in the bag, as the saying goes, but must remain in third position, providing New Bedford stays in the front, to qualify for the league championship series.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club