The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
May 7, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Not at All Pleased
"Jimmy" Howieson, former New Bedford player, came down to cast his lot with the New York Giants last Sunday, and distributed the tidings that the boys with the Whalers were anything but pleased with the "jumping jump" tactics of the club. In fact, according to Jimmy, all they needed was a leader and the players would have come on to Bethlehem to play the scheduled Eastern League game for that was the sentiment expressed in no mild terms when they gathered to talk things over. They fully recognized the injustice committed by the New Bedford owners in leaving Bethlehem high and dry after scheduled to visit here and were reluctant to play at Fall River on Sunday. That, of course, didn't relieve the situation here insofar as a game was concerned but it certainly does emphasize that the players are by no means in sympathy with the tactics of the club management. The double infraction of New Bedford and the players, who after reinstatement again jumped the organized ranks, making their case all the more serious. It's a double dose for them if a settlement is reached. Howieson, who appreciates a clean bill of health, lost little time to keep his status intact and pursued what seemingly was the wisest course when he deserted New Bedford to play with the Giants.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club