The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, May 9, 1921
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Robins Winds Up Season With Highest Honors
By defeating the Fore River Rovers, of Quincy, Mass., 5 to 2, the Robins Dry Dock achieved the highest honors available in soccer campaigning for the last season. Having won the National Cup final from the Scullin F. C., of St. Louis, the Robins yesterday afternoon added additional laurels by winning the American Football Association challenge cup for the second year in succession. One more important game is probably for the Robins, for it is understood that negotiations are pending for a championship clash with the Bethlehem F. C., winner of the National League and the only team to defeat the Robins on as many occasions as they themselves were defeated by the Dry Dockers. If the game is arranged, which local fans hope it will, the contest will most likely be staged in Philadelphia and give the winning team the undisputed right to claim the championship.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club