The Globe -- Bethlehem
May 10, 1920
A Swing Along Athletic Row

By Fred Nonnemacher
Witnessed National Cup Contest
The National Cup trophy in possession of the Bethlehem Steel Workers will be sent away on a long jaunt terminating in St. Louis where the cup will be displayed in the trophy room of the Ben Miller's for the next year. The right to the trophy was earned yesterday in the final of the cup competition when the Ben Miller's defeated the Fore River eleven by the score of 2 to 1. William Sheridan, manager and Jimmy Campbell, captain of the Bethlehem team were among the spectators and during the week helped prime the Fore River delegation for the contest.

Erie's May Be Here Next Saturday
With no baseball game here next Saturday, the athletic management of the Bethlehem Steel Co. is determined to provide some recreation on the Bethlehem lot and are making efforts to have the Erie F.C. come here for a National League game. The Erie's yesterday afternoon won the Jersey State Cup by defeating Paterson, 4 to 2. It is likely that the following Saturday, during the absence of the Bethlehem baseball team, the Robins, who twice conquered Bethlehem, will make their first appearance in this city in a National League game.

Robins and Morse in Grueling Struggle
The Robins Dry Dockers with Messrs. Ratican, Miller and Clark former Bethlehemites, appearing in their lineup, battled with Morse Dry Docks for two hours yesterday afternoon in an effort to determine the winner of the New York State soccer cup. The game ended in a tie, neither team being able to score a goal.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club