The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
May 10, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Nat on the Warpath
Another legal skirmish is threatened for the U. S. F. A., in the soccer controversy with the announcement that Nathaniel Agar, manager and owner of the Brooklyn club and one of the shining lights of the American Soccer League, has filed suit against the parent organization for $25,000. That's a lot of money in soccer. Agar avers libel in his charges and apparently has in mind a recent statement issued by the U. S. F. A. in which the conduct of the Brooklyn manager was the target of criticism. This suit is further evidence of the intense feelings between the warring factions and augurs anything but an early settlement. In fact the aspect is one of being farther apart in a reconciliation than ever.

Previous Legal Proceedings
Legal entanglements arising out of the controversy in the early stages were of the injunction variety and directed more particularly against individual clubs although indirectly at the U. S. F. A. These were to restrain players from participating with clubs other than those with whom contracts had been drawn. Opinion in two of these cases dismissed the proceedings. Just what the outcome of the suit will be remains to be determined. However, there are many close to the situation who are not in the least backward in predicting that it will count for nil.

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