The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
May 10, 1930
A Swing Along Athletic Row

"Whitey" is Coming Back
The announcement that the Glasgow Rangers are coming to the United States for a soccer tour is an announcement quite significant to local fans. More so here perhaps than any place else in the U. S. of A. for coming with the Rangers is "Whitey" McDonald, former Bethlehem halfback. Even more important is the fact that McDonald is coming back as a regular and not a reserve, the latter having been his status with the team until quite recently when he made a regular position. It was while the Rangers were on tour in this country that McDonald was given an opportunity to join this famed club, an invitation realized by few ambitious booters and particularly players who had done the greater part of their playing in the States. "Whitey" trouped back with the Rangers and was relegated to the reserves, but now he is a regular.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club