The Globe-Times - Bethlehem
May 12, 1927
Champs are at Boston Saturday and in New York Sunday

With two games scheduled over the weekend, Bethlehem Steel F. C. will complete its allotment of forty-four American Soccer League games and then will devote whatever activities are to follow this summer to exhibition contests.

On Saturday the league champions will oppose Boston on the latter's field and on Sunday come back to New York to meet Brooklyn. In both these games the Steelmen meet formidable opponents. The team will probably lineup similar to that of the Boston game here last Saturday.

Owing to the inability of Philadelphia and Newark to secure suitable grounds for their remaining home league games, Philadelphia forfeited two points each to Boston, J & P Coats, Providence; and Newark forfeited two points each to J & P Coats and Providence. The weekend league schedule follows:


Boston vs. Bethlehem, at Boston. Referee, G. Lambie.


Fall River vs. Newark, at Tiverton, Referee, R. Rose.
Brooklyn vs. Bethlehem, at Hawthorne Field, Brooklyn, Referee, C. Creighton.

The official league standing to date:

The leading league goal scorers to date are: D. Brown, Giants, 53; R. Blair, Boston, 36; T. Gillespie, Bethlehem, 31; A. Stark, Bethlehem, 24; E. McLaine, Providence, 30; M. McLeavy, new Bedford, 19; T. White, Newark, 18; J. Ballantyne, Boston, 16; M. Grunwald, Giants, 14; A. Maxwell, New Bedford, 14; A. Stevens, New Bedford, 38; W. Paterson, New Bedford-Fall River-Springfield, 31; J. Nelson, Brooklyn, 28; D. Campbell, Fall River, 20; R. Rock, Fall River-Philadelphia-Coats, 19; J. Best, New Bedford, 18; J. White, Fall River, 17; J. Jaap, Bethlehem, 15; R. Millar, Indiana Flooring, 14; J. McConnell, Providence, 14.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club