The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Friday, May 14, 1926
Last Call For Classic Setto on Elizabeth Avenue on Saturday Afternoon

Soccer interest over the weekend will be centered on the American Soccer League Cup competition for the H. E. Lewis trophy, which has reached the semi-final stage in the metropolitan and New England districts, and the offerings are of such high caliber that both fixtures are sure to bring out the soccer fans in large numbers.

Bethlehem Steel share in the semi-final game and for their opponents have drawn the New York Giants for a game in Bethlehem on Saturday and a return fling in New York on Sunday. In the New England district, Providence and New Bedford will be fighting it out for the privilege of meeting the winner of the Bethlehem-Giant game in the final round.

The Steel Workers, national champions, have gone through a strenuous week of training, determined to continue in the cup chance and makes their victory at home big enough to assure the elimination of the Giants. It will be the first time that the champions have been privileged to perform before a home crowd in a cup classic, and in view of this, it is hoped that the biggest crowd in the history of local soccer will gather on the Steel Field to encourage the home clan.

Have Met 5 Times

Bethlehem and the Giants met on five different occasions in which the champions emerged victorious three times, one of these victories including the semi-final of the National Cup competition. One game not recorded by the league was a one goal draw which was thrown out when Douglas, a goalie, playing with the Giants, was ruled ineligible. That was a league game which is yet to be replayed. In winning from the Giants, but one game was won by a big margin. That was a 5 to 2 victory for Bethlehem, when the New Yorkers came here with a lineup minus several of the best men. The record of the two teams, not including the draw game ordered replayed, follows:

Sept. 28 N. Y. Giants, 3; Bethlehem, 2, at Bethlehem.

January 9 N. Y. Giants, 2; Bethlehem, 5, at Bethlehem.

January 10 N. Y. Giants, 0; Bethlehem, 1, at New York.

March 14 N. Y. Giants, 1; Bethlehem, 2, at Brooklyn (semi-final round of the National Challenge Cup competition.)

The kickoff will be promptly at 3 o'clock. From then on for the two forty-five minute periods, some brilliant soccer should be witnessed. The teams will lineup as follows:

Bethlehem Giants
Carson G Geudert
Berryman RFB Kelly
Allan LFB Moorehouse
McDonald RHB Scott
Carnihan CHB Topping
MacGregor LHB McKinney
Jaap OR Duggan
Granger IR Stradan
Stark CF Brown
Rollo IL Phillips
Goldie OL -- Bremer

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club