The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Friday, May 14, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Hoping For Fair Weather
With fair weather and a fast and dry soccer pitch, the semi-final American Soccer League cup game to be played on the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon should develop into one of the most grueling contests witnessed this season. Both clubs have been primed for this setto and are in the pink of condition, ready to go the full time without a halt. The giants come here to avenge their elimination in the National classic, when Bethlehem's margin of victory was one goal, and that scored on a penalty. Although the infraction called against Moorehouse was deliberate when a score from Archie Stark seemed inevitable, the Gotham booters did not take kindly to the decision.

Just As Good As Bethlehem
Opinion of spectators who witnessed that game, particularly those partisans to the Giants, were of the opinion that the New Yorkers were just as good as Bethlehem, and that the breaks of the tilt favored the Steelmen in their glide to the National championship. The Giants players, too, shared in this opinion, but proved themselves excellent sportsmen after the affair in congratulating Bethlehem and wishing them success in the remaining games in that cup tie. New York players shared in the opinion that if the breaks that came Bethlehem's way would have been reversed, perhaps the Giants would be National champs. However, that game is now a matter of history and it is the campaign for the Lewis trophy yon which interest is now concentrated. Bethlehem meets a mighty good club in the Giants one that probably is not as scientifically clever as the Steelmen, but a club that offsets this with its determined aggressive tactics, rush and speed. The Giants are a dangerous club, especially if the visitors should be the first to score. In the event of such a break, the team is likely to run wild and pile up enough goals to assure their advance to the final round. But Bethlehem will be the favorite. If the champions display the same brand of soccer which won them the National title, we believe that enough goals will be scored in the game here to eliminate the Giants, regardless of the outcome of the game to be played in New York on Sunday afternoon.

No Hullabaloo, But a Good Game
In years past, much was made of an occasion such as a semi-final cup competition. Usually the game was preceded by a big hullabaloo, a parade and band concert before and during the game. This feature has been eliminated. Interest is centered directly on the game and not on the color surrounding the battle. Such trimming would be very appropriate, but all that can come after the cup is won or lost. The game itself should attract enough interest to jam the Bethlehem Steel field such as it has never been before. It will be a most excellent climax to the long season waged by the Bethlehem Steel soccer team.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club