The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, May 15, 1925
Final Struggle in American League Schedule Here Tomorrow With Phillies

The major sports attraction in Bethlehem on Saturday afternoon will be staged on the Bethlehem Steel Field, when the Bethlehem F. C. conclude their home soccer campaigning with the Philadelphia F. C.

Interest insofar as the league race is concerned is dead. However, even with the Steel Workers having no chance to finish better than second in the club standings, there is considerable interest manifest in the merit of the new talent, much about whom has been said, but as yet, no opportunity present to see these players lined up in actual hostilities.

And furthermore, this opportunity would not have been presented to home town fans until, probably next year, but for misfortune of the Philadelphia club in losing their grounds for the league nightcap.

This means that the patrons who have been loyal to the Steel workers and helped swell the financial coffers of the club with the purchase of season tickets cannot be recognized. However, the price of admission is more than worth the treat of witnessing another soccer game before the home clan close shop.

However, to make this game possible at home, the management was forced to concede so big a guarantee, in fact the biggest paid in league competition this season, and hopes for the support of all fans.

The lineup of the Steel Workers will hardly be recognized as the one that campaigned the American Soccer League season. This is due to the changes to give the new talent a chance to show their stuff, and also somewhat occasioned by injuries. Dave Carson will get a rest in goal and John McCormick, the Irish goalie, will be assigned as custodian. Hugh Reid, also of Irish fame, who starred with the Glentoran first division club, with McCormick, before coming to this country, will be at right fullback. Huyland, a Norwegian halfback, breaks into the lineup in place of McDonald and Jack Evans, a former teammate of both McCormick and Reid will be at the other halfback post. For center half, it will be either MacGregor or Carnihan.

The most drastic change on the forward line involved the diminutive John Rollo. An inside left, a position which he has filled regularly during the season, the wee Johnny will be given an opportunity to show his stuff at an outside position. With Goldie out with injuries, Rollo will play in his position and have Maxwell at inside left. The other forwards will be Forrest, Granger and Stark. The probable lineup follows:

Bethlehem Steel -- Phila. F. C.
McCormick -- G -- Nicol
Ried -- RFB -- Davis
D. Ferguson -- LFB -- Andrews
Huyland -- RHB -- Darrie
MacGregor or Carnihan -- CHB -- Reilly
Evans -- LHB -- Mills
Forrest -- OR -- Huston
Granger -- IL -- McGhee
Stark -- CF -- McClure
Maxwell -- IL -- Dunn
Rollo -- OL -- McDonald
Referee -- Kendall. Kickoff, 3 p.m.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club