The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, May 16, 1921
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Vet Steel Workers Help Down Champions
The crack Robins Dry Dock players, champion soccerites of the United States, today are stinging under the defeat administered yesterday by the Tebo Yacht Basin eleven, while Bob Millar, former Bethlehem Steel and Robins player, together with several other former Bethlehem players, is tasting the sweets of victory. Particularly is Millar chuckling over accomplishing the feat for it was Bob's toe that brought victory and upset all soccer dope by downing the winners of the American and National Cup competitions. Bob left Bethlehem at about the same time Ratican and several other Steel Workers decamped for other parts, the two stars affiliating their services with the Brooklyn shipbuilders. For a while things went along smoothly, but then, it is rumored, that dissension occurred among the players and that Millar was the chief factor in the trouble. Bob pulled up stakes and departed quite recently, affiliating with the Tebo eleven. Therefore, the victory of the Basin eleven, which really is a part of the Robins Dry Dock concern, was a most cherished revenge for Millar. The game was a title event for the New York State Cup and was decided with a lone tally scored by Millar after 15 minutes of play in the second half. The Robins, according to accounts, were on the defensive the greater part of the game, despite the fact that they included all of their regulars in the lineup. Other Bethlehem veterans in the lineup were Billy Kirkpatrick and Fred Pepper, the latter captain of the Tebo squad.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club