The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
May 16, 1929
Two Games in Chicago and Games with Preston North Ends and Hakoah Likely

No games scheduled, the Bethlehem soccer team will be idle over the weekend, but from then on and up until the end of the month when soccer activities conclude definitely for the season the team will be very busy.

While no definite date has yet been assigned the Steel City booster for a game against he Preston North Ends, of England, it is practically certain that if those who have arranged the tour of the English invaders want a representative team to meet the tourists, Bethlehem cannot be ignored.

It was understood that two games would be given Bethlehem with the Preston Club. However, both New York teams, Hakoah and Giants, hopped in on the ground floor and will appear in the opening contests against the tourists over this weekend.

Bethlehem did not win the National cup championship, but the team did prove superior to all other clubs in the Eastern Soccer League, the strongest professional in the loop in organized soccer. In addition, Bethlehem met Hakoah, cup champion, in seven games, turning in five victories and played two games to a draw. Under these circumstances it is hardly possible that Bethlehem will be ignored in the schedule of the Englishmen.

In the meantime the local management has been busy booking up several exhibition games and two of these will be a tour to Chicago. Out in the middle west they want to see the famed Bethlehem machine in action and the opportunity will be presented over the weekend of May 25 and 26, when games will be played in Chicago. Negotiations for these games were concluded today.

There is also a strong likelihood that Bethlehem will get another fling at Hakoah before hanging away the togs for the season. Soccer enthusiasts in Philadelphia are arranging for this meeting and if the pans which are but closed materialize, the Steelmen will perform in the Quaker City on Memorial Day.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club