The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, May 18, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Will be Back in the Fold
Advance gossip emanating from New York City where the annual meeting of the Council of the United States Football Association assures that the American Soccer League comprising the strongest clubs and the most influential independent soccer body will be back in the fold of the U. S. F. A. next season. This assurance indicates that matters have apparently been smoothed over and prearranged and when the solons gather will concede to recognition of the league on the National Council, will be 15 percent instead of 33 1/3 of all the semi-final and final rounds as has been the previous custom. The grading of clubs for the early rounds will most likely be another matter to consider, eliminating the American League clubs from the preliminary rounds.

Will Welcome Return to Association
Settlement of differences between the two associations will be most heartily welcomed by the fans throughout the American Soccer League circuit for it will restore the clubs in good standing to compete in the National Cup tie competition. Not that the fans have been slighted in the brand of soccer dispensed during the season just closed, but rather that harmony exist for the good and development of the game. However with a soccer body recognized as the strongest in the country followers of the sport too feel that the American League should be recognized on the National Council.

More Money Means Better Players
Owners of the American Soccer League clubs are of the opinion that more money means better players and this attitude was substantiated during the last season. Managers have gone into the open market to gobble up talent and to do it had to be well provided with finances. In regards to the talent the season just closed speaks for itself, for hardly a club in the loop could not boast of at least one "Babe Ruth" of soccer , while the majority presented the greatest array of big league talent ever witnessed in American soccer. With the American Soccer League clubs again in good graces of the U. S. F. A., the incentive promises to have a greater influence on the younger players who are developing on the sandlots of America.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club