The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Thursday, May 20, 1926
New York Giants, Who Swamped Steel Team, To Play New Bedford

With the closing of the present soccer season but a week distant, midseason interest is being displayed in the forthcoming American Soccer League Cup final between the New York Giants and New Bedford, Mass., soccer elevens for possession of the H. Edgar Lewis trophy.

A series of two games will be played to determine the winner. The first has been scheduled for the Whaling City on Saturday, while Indiana-New York oval will be the center of activities on Sunday. In the event of each club winning a game, the series will be awarded to the team scoring the greatest number of goals in the two matches.

Both finalists surprised the soccer world last week by gaining decisive victories over strong opposition. The Bethlehem Steel eleven gained a 2 to 0 victory over the Giants last Sunday on the home pitch of the Steelmen, and they entered the fray at New York Oval on the following day with great confidence, but this advantage was wiped out during the first eight minutes.

The Gotham representatives then went on a scoring rampage and dented the visitors' net for 9 goals, an unprecedented score in the annals of the Bethlehem team. The losers scored three times, but their combined goals of the two games were not enough to offset the unusual number of tallies registered by the Giants and the final score for the pair of games was Giants 9, Bethlehem 5.

New Bedford went into the lead in the New England semi-final by blanking the Providence eleven by 6 goals to o in the opening game, but despite the valiant efforts of the Clamdiggers in the second fixture, which they won by 4 goals to 2, the lead which the Massachusetts aggregation had gained on the previous day could not be overcome, and the Whalers entered the final by a total of 8 goals to 4.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club