The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
May 20, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Not So Hot
The Preston North Ends, the touring aggregation of English soccer players, have thus far failed to impress with the brand of soccer they are dispensing. If comparative ranking is to be estimated on the performance in two games played, American soccer teams are just about on a par with clubs of the rating of the North Ends. The Hakoah All-Stars, national champions, and the New York Giants, are the two clubs the North Ends have met thus far on their tour and in each of these games draw scores at one goal each resulted.

How About Bethlehem
A more accurate comparison might be estimated if Bethlehem had the good fortune of engaging the tourists but the present forecast seems to eliminate Bethlehem from such consideration. New York clubs are deathly opposed to the Steelmen invading their territory for such a game while in Bethlehem or Philadelphia the big guarantee demanded by the tourists could hardly be met. Bethlehem did not win the National cup title but insofar as a team merit is concerned the Steelmen by virtue of their league campaigning shade by plenty both New York clubs. If victories mean anything to merit and prestige the five victories, two draws and no defeats against Hakoah this season and the majority of victories over the Giants is a matter of grave consideration. And the final deduction undoubtedly must be that Bethlehem is the logical opponent to meet an invading soccer aggregation.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club