The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, May 23, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

A Good Day When He Came Back
The sensation created in European soccer circles since the return of Alexander Jackson, former Bethlehem Steel forward, has been the subject of much comment in English papers. "It was a good day for young Jackson and Scotland when he came back from America which was no more to his liking than it was to his brother Walter," is the substance conveyed in comments in the Athletic News, an English paper, of recent date. Probably it was a good day for the former popular Steel Worker as well as Scotland when the brilliant player returned but as for his dislikes to America his many friends in this country will hardly accept this as being the case. If so, his many letters to friends in Bethlehem and former teammates do not ring with sincerity. Be that as it may it can't be denied that it was while in American that Alec struck his stride which carried him through to the fame of an Internationalist. Commenting on Young Jackson, the Athletic News says:

"Clearly the opinion of the Huddersfield Town is that the championship team of one season is not a guarantee for the year ahead. They improved on the 1923-24 conquerors with results now familiar. Still the policy is progress.

"In signing Alexander Jackson, the elusive outside right of Aberdeen, Herbert Chapman and his officials have made a material step toward sustaining the power of the club.

"Since the youth Jackson -- he will be twenty years of age tomorrow -- was utilized this season as an early experiment by Scotland, with results so profound that he remained for all international matches, many English clubs have been attempting to carry Aberdeen's treasure away.

"Quite a few Scotsmen have fallen in English football, but this outside right is of a distinctive type. He cannot be compared with the majority. He is a player of speed, artifice, and elusive grace. All his talents considered, it is no wonder Jackson has made a glowing reputation in his first season in senior football.

"A product of the once-famous Renton in the Leven valley, Jackson graduated with Dumbarton. But being the son of an Aberdonian he went to the Northern club after a spell in America, which was no more to the liking of Alexander than it was to his brother, Walter, the Aberdeen center-forward.

"It was a good day for young Jackson and Scotland when he came back, then to throw in his lot with Aberdeen, who got his transfer from Dumbarton for 350 pounds. He is 5 feet 10 5/8 inches in height and weighs 11 stone. But it is the brain behind his work which counts.

"Jackson made 34 appearances out of 38 for Aberdeen during season 1924-25 and scored seven goals. His success before the goal is not surprising in view of his readiness to draw in towards goal and to shoot while on the run.

Merely a Matter of Opinion
"Bethlehem Steel, the second best soccer team in the country, is to meet Fall River," pens a scribe on a Fall River paper, meaning of course that Fall River is the best team. Such an assertion can do no other than give rise to spirited discussion on relative merit which, if based on comparative results, would probably find three teams listed at the top as the best with home town adherents swayed in their selection by a quite natural partisan attitude. Bethlehem Steel, is the best, say Bethlehem fans; Boston rooters would shout for the Hubmen while the loyals in Fall River naturally can see no other club than the New England aggregation. Briefly referring to comparative results Fall River, American Soccer League champions, while probably best in the arguments with Bethlehem was eliminated in the most important soccer classic of the league, the final of the American Soccer League cup tie, which was one by Boston, recognized, due to their victory in the inter-sectional clash, as the National professional soccer champion. Bethlehem Steel with no cup or league championship honors, nevertheless, breaks into the picture quite forcibly as the only club in the loop that was not defeated by Boston in any of the four league games. Maybe Bethlehem's the best, or Boston, or Fall River, which after all is but a matter of opinion.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club