The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, May 26, 1921
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Soccer Moguls to Convene
The weekend, starting tomorrow and continuing over Sunday will be a virtual beehive in Philadelphia for soccer dignitaries. The occasion is the annual meeting of the United States Football Association, which for the second time in eight years will convene in the Quaker City. As the convention is under the auspices of the Football Association of Eastern Pennsylvania and District, all of the subordinate associations affiliated with the State body are more than directly interested. Probably the most important function of the governing soccer body will be the re-election of the officer of secretary. It is also likely that George Healey, president for the last two years, will decline to serve again, which means that the two most important offices will have to be filled with new faces for the coming year. So far nothing has been even hinted at as to his successor, which indicates that strong pressure might again be brought to bear on Mr. Cahill to reconsider his decision, though for the last three years he has implored the delegates to school another man for his position., but which to the present has never been taken seriously. Since the close of the season, however, Mr. Cahill has been industriously engaged organizing the new American Soccer League, which comprises eight of the leading teams in the East. He was also elected secretary of that association, from which it may be gathered that Mr. Cahill's decision to refuse re-election as secretary of the U. S. F. A. at its coming meeting is final. Many subjects of importance to everyone connected with soccer in this country have been offered for the moguls to digest in the annual report just issued to the delegates by the secretary. One of the most important is in dealing with the referee problem. According to the report, it states that there is a dearth of referees who measure up to the requisite qualifications for important games, and as it states it is prevalent throughout the country it is likely that some action will be taken at the annual convention for the purpose of trying to overcome the referee problem, which is the most important feature connected with the game. Mr. Cahill also dwells at length on the exercise of care in signing players, particularly professional players.

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