The Globe – Bethlehem
May 28, 1920
A Swing Along Athletic Row

By Fred Nonnemacher
Soccer Clubs Likely to Get the Pink Slip
When the moguls of the National League gather this evening in Newark, N. J., to discuss soccer business they are sure to hear some rather stiff arguments from the Bethlehem end of the circuit. “Billy” Sheridan, local representative will be among those in attendance and some of the things “Billy” will have to say are quite likely to start a rumpus. Teams in the National League this year have played Bethlehem for the “goat" on more than one occasion and chances are that when the clubs are drawn for next season several will find themselves on the outside. Federals, Interborough Rapid, Merchants and Disston are four clubs that did not live up to the schedule of games and if not dropped are certainly to draw a severe reprimand.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club