The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, May 28, 1921
Some Important Decisions Reached Yesterday at Meeting of U. S. Football Association

With the election of officers followed by a banquet today, the eighth annual convention of the United States Football Association, in session in Philadelphia, will come to a close. Prominent speakers are listed to address the delegates this evening, among whom will be Dr. James A. Babbitt, of Haverford College, chairman of the intercollegiate Rules Committee.

The Body voted to limit the various cup competitions promoted by the affiliated bodies to the State which they represent with the exception of the National Challenge Cup tourney. This action means that in future such associations as the American Football Association, the oldest of the annual cup classics; the Peel Challenge Cup, of Chicago, and other cup competitions will not be permitted to accept entries outside of their State.

The decision gives the National Challenge Cup competition, promoted by the U. S. F. A., more prestige, as it will be the only cup tourney in future open to the clubs affiliated with the various State associations.

Considerable discussion ensured regarding the changing and amending of rules. Quite a number of new rules were presented by the Rules Revising Committee, with recommendations for adoption. Some of the delegates' suggestions were rejected by the committee. When it was ascertained that the committee's decision was final the delegates passed a motion stripping the committee of the power to amend or add to the rules, subject to approval of the Council.

It was decided to have two challenge cup committees instead of one representing Eastern and Western sections of the country, which will eliminate delays and traveling in the future when special meetings are called, as each committee will have jurisdiction over its territory.

In future the winner of the Eastern and Western sections of the challenge cup semi-final will each receive a cup and medals to become their property, the winner in each section playing in the final for the national challenge cup. It was also decided to organize a challenge cup competition expressly for amateur teams.

Secretary Thomas Cahill submitted an interesting report as delegate to the International Federation at Antwerp last summer in connection with the Olympic games.

Many of the delegates attended the annual distribution of cups and medals of the Allied American Football Association and Allied Amateur Cup competition at the North Branch Y. M. C. A. last night.

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