The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
May 28, 1929
Play Hakoah on Memorial Day and Then Preston North Ends in New York

Forced to recognize the Bethlehem soccer team as the logical opponent to meet the Preston North Ends, international tourists, arrangements have been concluded and the match fixed for Saturday, June 8. T he game will be played at Innisfall Park, New York City, with the kickoff at 4 o'clock.

This game was originally arranged to be played on a Sunday but the date set ahead a day because of the inability to secure suitable grounds. Starlight Park was suggested but Bethlehem absolutely refused to meet the tourists on these grounds which lack in size as well as other essentials and is not conducive to the best brand of soccer.

Efforts to secure Ebbetts Field, Brooklyn, was also made and tentative consent received. For some reason or other . . . was later refused.

Before meeting the Preston North End Club which incidentally will be the final game to be played by the local booters this season, Bethlehem has a game schedule to be played in Philadelphia on Thursday. In this game the Steelmen will oppose the Hakoah All-Stars in an exhibition affair for a Jewish charity in the Municipal Stadium, kickoff at 3 o'clock. Local boosters have arranged to journey to Philadelphia on the holiday to witness the game.

Plans for an exhibition game against the Detroit All-Stars for this weekend were called off owning to the lateness of the season. However, the team received an invitation to make the trip early next season and before the opening of the league schedule. The Detroit All-Stars is a team that defeated the English tourists in a game played last Sunday.

The players returned from their trip to Chicago none the worse for the experience. They came through the two hard games in good physical condition and ready for their meeting with Hakoah on Memorial Day.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club