The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
May 31, 1929
Capture Exhibition Game For First Victory in Eight Starts This Season

Better able to stand the conditions in playing under a scorching sun Hakoah All-Stars achieved their first victory in eight meetings over Bethlehem by capturing a well-played and exciting contest before 10,000 fans in the Municipal Stadium, Philadelphia, on Thursday afternoon. The margin of victory was one goal with the score 2 to 1. In this feud Bethlehem won five, draw two and lost but one game in the eight starts.

The exhibition affair, played for a Jewish charity, brought out the largest crowed in years to witness a game in Philadelphia and the fans were well rewarded. They witnessed two high-class teams in action, combinations that functioned with precision and effect and equally balanced in all departments.

Unfortunately the scorching sun which not alone made life decidedly uncomfortable for the fans but the players as well, played havoc with the stamina of the Bethlehem players. More so than the Jewish booters, who in their performance in this game were the best team. However, the margin of difference was just about as great as described by the one goal advantage.

Bethlehem was first to score when a speedy movement down the field was successful in tricking the defense and Rollo, taking a pass from the wing, crashed the ball into the net. Before the half ended Wortman, the Hakoah inside left, shot one by Beveridge, the Bethlehem custodian. Beveridge played one of the best games of his career and both shots that beat him were of the unsavable kind.

With the numerals knotted at one goal each the restart witnessed hard and determined playing. Up and down the field surged the players with Hakoah on the defense and then Bethlehem. Finally the break came in favor of Hakoah with hardly more than six minutes of game still to be played. Gruenwald, who played marvelously for Hakoah, notched the winning goal. Taking a rebound off the upright about ten yards out Gruenwald put everything he had behind his shot and although Beveridge partly saved the terrific speed of the shot carried the ball into the net. The score:

Bethlehem -- Hakoah
Beveridge -- G -- Fabian
Gibson -- RFB -- Lassio
Allen -- LFB -- Steinberg
Reid -- RHB -- Nicholasberger
Carnihan -- CHB -- Guttman
McGregor -- LHB -- Hahrer
Gillespie -- OR -- Schwartz
Jaap -- IR -- Hansler
Stark -- CF -- Gruenwald
Massie -- IL -- Wortman
Rollo -- OL -- Eisenhoffer
Final score, Hakoah 2, Bethlehem 1. Half-time score, Hakoah 1, Bethlehem 1. Goals scored by Rollo, Wortman, Gruenwald. Referee, Daniel Gates. Linesmen H. Rodgers and E. McDonough. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club