The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Tuesday, June 1, 1926
Soccer Star Scores 4 of the 5 Goals Bethlehem Registers Against Indiana

In the soccer double header, played in New York City on Memorial Day afternoon, the Bethlehem Steel team, playing in true championship form, was the only winner of the day, bowling over Indiana Flooring by the one sided score of 5 goals to 2.

Stark Scores 4

Stark, of Bethlehem, scored four of his team's counters.

In the other half of the dual bill, the New York Giants, playing one of the speedy games they are capable of on the home grounds, had Fall River beaten, one to none up to the last minute of play, when the league champions equalized on a penalty kick.

Giving one of their best exhibitions, the Bethlehem players easily defeated Indiana Flooring in the final league match of the season. The issue practically had been settled by half time, when the Steelworkers were leading, 3-0.

After two hard drives by Rollo, both of which went over the bar, Bethlehem settled down and, at 10 minutes, Stark headed through a long shot by Capt. Carnihan. Stark was stunned by collision with Lundberg in goal, but quickly recovered.

Bethlehem forced two corners on the left, from the second of which Stark's header just grazed the bar. Rollo's pass to Stark yielded the second tally in 20 minutes. In another five minutes the third tally was in Indiana's net, thanks to MacGregor's good work, after Goldie's corner. Five minutes from half time, Indiana rallied in earnest, forcing three corners in rapid succession.

McKenna scored Indiana's first goal after good combination play by Schylander and Carlson, fifteen minutes after the restart. McGhee next drove one close over Bethlehem's bar. Midway in the period, Stark tallied from a mix-up and scored again from Goldie's pass on the left. With two minutes to go, Schylander netted the ball from Gallagher's free kick, allowed for a foul by Carnihan.

Stark's first goal was one of the greatest ever witnessed on the New York grounds and probably one of the greatest of his career. Coming down the left, he was harassed by the fullback, but eluded this opposition, and then at a sharp angle, shot for goal. So unexpected was his effort that the goalie, believing there was not a chance in a hundred of the drive locating the net, never made a bid for the ball as it sailed past and lodged in the corner of the meshes.

Injury Bothers Rollo

With three up at the end of the first half, the Bethlehem players were forced to slow down in the second stanza, when Johnny Rollo aggravated an old hip injury and was barely able to hobble along. He remained in the game, but shifted positions with Goldie at outside left and was hardly more than excess baggage. It took Goldie about ten minutes to become familiar with the inside berth, the first time he had ever played it, but after then acquitted himself in admirable style. The lineup:

Indiana Flooring Bethlehem
Lundberg G Carson
Rankin RFB Berryman
Ferguson LFB Allan
Gallagher RHB McDonald
Terris CHB Carnihan
McIntosh LHB MacGregor
McClure OR Jaap
Schylander IR Granger
McKenna CF Stark
Carlson IL Rollo
McGhee OL Goldie
Referee C. E. Creighton. Linesmen A. Lawrie and S. Day. Goals Stark 4, Bethlehem; Mckenna, Schylander, Indiana Flooring F. C. Time of halves 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club