The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Tuesday, June 1, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Soccer Clan Finished for Season
The Bethlehem Steel soccer teams also packs away its togs until early next fall. While soccer will be at a standstill, there will be plenty of inside stiff to be attended to that promises to keep the moguls more than busy. The Steelmen concluded activities in New York on Monday afternoon, downing Indiana Flooring in the nightcap in a decisive manner. Players will break training, but usually this does not mean [] for in spite of the lull in activities, they continue as regular visitors to the athletic grounds and devote their attention to tennis and handball. It is understood an early soccer start is anticipated, with two or three exhibition games [] in before the Steelmen start on the grind for another league campaign. Bethlehem's greatest achievement this year and incidentally the highest honor possible in American soccer, was victory in the National Cup tie competition. Fall River close the season with the league championship safely tucked away and New Bedford is victory in the American Soccer League cup affair, winning the H. E. Lewis trophy.

Giants a Strong Team at Home
Regardless of what the Giants have been able to do on the road, no one can deny that the Gotham booters are a hard combination to beat on their home loam. The Oval, the small and narrow field of the Giants, is built to order for the New York booters and woe to the team with championship aspirations and forced to meet the New Yorkers in the deciding issue in their own back yard. On the road the Giants produce a snappy game, but nothing to be compared with their playing at home. The rush and kick style of the New Yorkers has overwhelmed more than one of the top notch clubs in the American League.

Bethlehem, New Bedford, and Almost Fall River
The strength of the Giants in playing on their home lot is best seen in the sensational windup with which they climaxed the season. Bethlehem Stele, with a two-goal advantage, invaded the Oval for the second game of the semi-final round of the Lewis Cup competition. Bethlehem was a lone shot favorite, but opinion quickly changed when the Giants started rolling up points with deadly vengeance and finished the game on the long end of a 9 to 2 score. The combined total eliminated Bethlehem in the cup play. Against New Bedford on the latter's ground, the Giants were bowled over 5 to 1. However, in the return game the Giants took over New Bedford by the shut out route, winning 3 to 0. The total count gave New Bedford the cup championship by the margin of one goal. The strength of the Giants at home was again demonstrated yesterday when in closing the season Fall River was held to a one goal draw. The Giants were leading up to the last minute of play, when a penalty gave Fall River the chance of knotting the count.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club