The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Saturday, June 4, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

"Angel" Ignored in Sharing the Profits
Everybody concerned with the touring Uruguay soccer team is sharing in the receipts except the "angel" who produced the cash to guarantee the tour. He asserts he hasn't even received a penny of the $8,000 he invested, saying nothing of a slice of the profits. All this is disclosed in legal entanglements arising out a civil suit instituted by the "angel" in the New York courts. Judging by the flock of defendants named by the plaintiff in his affidavit, there has been little rake off for any of them. No less than five defendants are named, including Nat Agar, the enterprising manager of the Brooklyn Wanderers and active in promoting game of international color in this country.

Time to Hang Up
Soccer promoters should now step out of the picture and clear the decks for the other seasonable and popular sports. The extended season can hardly do the sport any good and with the exception of a few games such as tilts which will conclude the Hakoah and All-Irish tours, and other clubs, should hang up for the season. Soccer is an all-year round sport. Granted. But the game can profit little in increasing popularity by remaining in the picture. At any rate the majority of the games to be played from now on are of the exhibition variety, games in which the only laurels at stake are purely commercial. The league championship for the season is determined and so are the cup tie titles. Much of the popularity of baseball, football and other sports might be attributed to the interest excited during the off-season and seasons just long enough to appease the taste and not force the same dish all year around. September will be rolling along in no time. That is usually the month when soccer activities should be resumed.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club