The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Monday, June 4, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Not So Good
Winning from a picked team in Philadelphia and then thumping the Brooklyn Wanderers, the Glasgow Rangers, on tour in this country, met stiffer opposition against Sam Mark's Fall River Marksmen and at the conclusion of the 90 minutes of play neither team had scored. While neither team could claim a victory, the management of each club nevertheless pronounced the affair quite successful for the turnstiles clicked merrily to the tune of more then 13,000 spectators. Financially the game went across with a crash.

Want to Meet Bethlehem
When informed that Bethlehem was eliminated as a team to be played on the tour, the Glasgow Rangers did not hesitate in voicing their disappointment and at the same time criticism of the schedule. No other club is as popularly known in European countries as Bethlehem due to the reputation of the Steelmen here and the fame gained in previous international tours. Little wonder that the Scots were disappointed for to return home with stories of the tour and Bethlehem omitted certainly is not going to meet with favor. So keen are the Scots on meeting Bethlehem, it is said, that a special game to be played in New York with the Steelmen as the opponents has been suggested. Whether or not it materializes remains to bee seen.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club