The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Tuesday, June 5, 1928
More Discussion Takes Place on Plan to Keep Soccer Team Here

Keyed up by the bitter soccer struggle witnessed between the Bethlehem F. C. and New York Nationals on Lehigh field last night, an enthusiastic group of soccer boosters met at the Hotel Bethlehem after the game, at which plans were further discussed in devising ways and means of keeping the club in this city. While many suggestions were heard and some very good, no definite action was taken but will probably follow after the committees make their report at the next meeting which will be held at the Hotel Bethlehem next Monday night. Allentown is said to have made a bid for the team.

Something definite in the way of giving the management the assurance of the needed support to keep the team here is expected when the boosters gather for their next meeting. A committee was appointed comprised of Gene Collins, C. Clarke, Harry Bennett, J. H. Carpenter, W. L. Lewis, and Claude M. Stauffer. This committee will confer with the Chamber of Commerce and the many service clubs in Bethlehem and will make their report next Monday night.

The interest and enthusiasm displayed by the Latin-American people residing in Bethlehem was highly commended. Many of these residents were spectators at the game and were quite enthusiastic in their rooting for the home club.

Claude M. Stauffer acted as chairman of the meeting. One service club representative informed the meting that his club was ready to offer membership to players, contending that by so doing contact with representative business men of Bethlehem would create a different sentiment and a greater interest in the team. Other suggestions were heard by which service clubs could contribute a part in the effort to keep the club here.

A movement was on foot among the boosters to engage a bus and journey to New York to witness the Wednesday night game but owing to the brevity of time and interference of working conditions this play was defeated.

In view of the wide interest manifest in the game played by the El Dos de Mayo at Saucon Park and the big crowds that attend these games, the Bethlehem boosters have arranged to meet the Castilians in a Sunday game in the near future.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club