The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Wednesday, June 6, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Smoke This One
"The New York Nationals are confident that they will win an take the soccer series from Bethlehem Steel. They point out that the field at Bethlehem handicapped their game while the broad expanse of turf at the Polo Grounds will be very much in their favor." An excerpt of a news item referring to the Bethlehem-National soccer meeting at the Polo Grounds this evening. Local soccer boosters could have stomached weather conditions as an alibi for not winning but when they pick on the field they apparently are talking through their bonnets. In fact, the Nats are the first soccer club ever to visit Bethlehem to find fault with the field. In rebuttal to the above assertion the Bethlehem booters have always and can still boast of having probably the best soccer pitch in the country. It is of regulation size and for the enlightenment of those who might not be in the know, was laid out exclusively for the booting game. Gotham fans who have never visited here may swallow the above line but not the home town fans.

An Ideal Greensward
When the athletic field was erected by the Bethlehem Steel Co. soccer interest in Bethlehem was at its height. While consideration was given for other sports, nevertheless, soccer was the prime object in laying out the greensward and the pitch was patterned as much as possible on the plan of European soccer fields. The expanse of turf on which the game is played here compares favorably with that of the Polo Grounds or any other soccer field in the country. When they pick on the field they sure do touch a tender spot.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club